Euthanasia Services

Euthanasia, sometimes called “put to sleep” is never an easy subject to discuss.  Euthanasia is a very difficult decision and is always an emotional time for the attached owner.  Sometimes the decision to euthanize a beloved pet is relatively straightforward, for example in the case of untreatable cancer or organ failure resulting in extreme pain or discomfort for the patient.  Other times, the  question of “What is the right time?” is not as easy to answer.  We are here to assist in guidance of making the decision, as we realize how hard it is to make.  Many times, our response is trying to decide what degree of quality of life the patient has.  A great objective way to assess this is to have 30 pennies available, and two jars.  For each good day each month a penny goes in the good day jar, and for each poor day a penny goes in the bad day jar.  When the bad days consistently outweigh the good, then it may be time to consider letting your pet go.

Though euthanasia is always a difficult decision process, we assure that you and your pet will be treated with respect and kindness during this tough time.  We have a comfort room available, complete with homelike setting, couch and coffee table and carpeted floor to make the setting as comfortable as possible, as well as to provide a place to grieve in peace.  An IV (intravenous) catheter much like a fluid set that you might have for surgery, is placed in the patient’s vein on the front arm so that the injection for euthanasia can be administered without pain or discomfort for the pet’s final moments.  For owners that elect not to be present for the euthanasia process, drop off or in hospital euthanasia is available.

Cremation services are available through All Pets Cremation.  Many owners opt not to have the ashes of their pet returned, known as communal cremation as the pet will be cremated with other pets.  For owners that choose to take the ashes home and spread them, a “scatter urn” is available, a simple box to transport the ashes to the place of final resting.  We also have available urns made of wood, glass, or memorial plaques that can be custom laser engraved with the pet’s name, a message, or picture of the pet.  Some of the options are shown here, but a full selection is available at any time for examination at the hospital.