Health Certificate/Regulatory


No person shall own, keep or harbor any dog over the age of six months within city limits unless the dog is licensed. Bring certificate of rabies vaccination and proof of spay or neuter to the Post Falls Police Department for licensing, be aware that city and county limits overlap considerably in the Post Falls area.  We have an updated map at our clinic available to check those limits. 


Spayed or neutered - $12.00/year

Unaltered - $24.00/year

If living outside city limits, licensing is handled through the Kootenai Humane Society in Hayden.

1 Year Altered: $7        1 Year Intact: $15

 2 Year Altered: $14     2 Year Intact: $30

 3 Year Altered: $21     3 Year Intact: $45


Did you know that if you travel across state lines by plane you have to obtain a health certificate?  That requires an exam to prove that your pet is free from communicable disease and filling out of specific documentation based on state requirements.