Advanced Orthopedics

At River City Animal Hospital  we deal in advanced Orthopedic Services -problems associated with bones, joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons. Because all of these structures must work together and be healthy for our pets to have a comfortable life, it is important that conditions affecting these tissues be appropriately managed.

What is Orthopedics?

There are many problems that come under the Orthopedic umbrella. The most obvious is the management of broken bones from injuries, with the majority a result of being hit by a car. When a major bone is broken, the fastest, most comfortable road to recovery is often surgical stabilization of the bone. In many cases, the animal will be able to move around comfortably sooner. Surgery may also be the best approach to ensure that the bone heals straight and solidly and that the leg functions well afterwards. Fractures involving joints nearly always need surgery to avoid severe arthritis.

Another common condition managed by Advanced Orthopedics is hip dysplasia which causes pain in the hip joints of many dogs. Starting as loose hip joints in puppies, this often progresses to significant arthritis as the animals get older. There are a number of surgical options that can help prevent, reduce or eliminate the joint degeneration.  Be sure to ask the doctors at River City Animal Hospital if you have any questions regarding your pets health.